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        Government Experience Management

        Build a government that works for everyone

        Understand key stakeholders better than ever and design experiences tailored to your citizens, constituents, internal customers and employees on the only FedRAMP authorized Experience Management Platform?.

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        Every experience that matters. All on one platform

        Every year, 3 billion people use the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform? to provide feedback on everything from the brands they buy from and the companies they work for to the governments and agencies that serve them. That’s billions of data points on the beliefs, emotions and sentiments that drive their decisions. Qualtrics makes it easy for you to turn data into insights and design experiences that engage and delight every stakeholder, so you can spend more time doing what you do best — serving the public.

        More than 50 federal agencies use Qualtrics to improve the citizen experience, increase employee engagement, improve their reputation and to boost public trust in government

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        Fedramp + Qualtrics

        Meeting the gold standard for security

        Whatever your contracting vehicle. We’re with you.

        Qualtrics is available on many government purchasing vehicles, including GSA Schedule 70, GSA Schedule 738X, NASA SEWP V, NCPA, CMAS, NASPO ValuePoint, National IPA - TCPN, VASCUPP, and more.

        Safe and secure backed by FedRAMP authorization.

        As the only Experience Management Platform with FedRAMP authorization, ISO 27001 certification, and FISMA compliance, and documented product accessibility statuses (VPAT, WCAG 2.0), you can be sure your biggest risks are protected from shadow IT to cyber incidents.

        Together we’re stronger. Partner with Qualtrics.

        We work hand-in-hand with contractors serving the public sector. Connect today to learn how our joint capabilities can improve the experiences delivered across government.

        Federal Civilian

        Personalized public service at scale

        Every day you ask something of citizens, whether it’s complying with policies, enrolling in programs or purchasing services. We’ll help you understand what citizens feel, think and do every time they interact with your agency (through direct contact or indirectly through policies) so you can optimize the experience and build trust by meeting their expectations.

        1. Health behavior research
        2. Public opinion research
        3. Policy feedback portal
        4. Disaster surveying
        5. Facility satisfaction
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        Defense and Intelligence

        Always engaged and ready for action

        Keeping personnel ready and engaged is a monumental task. Qualtrics gives defense and national security leaders the feedback tools necessary to monitor personnel and stakeholder attitudes, so you can be ready for anything.

        1. Personnel readiness
        2. Officer engagement
        3. Product development and testing
        4. Equipment readiness
        5. Employee lifecycle measurement
        6. Base service satisfaction
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        State and local

        Put people at the heart of every decision

        Get closer to the people you serve and deliver outstanding services and experiences with actionable feedback from constituents and employees. We’ll help you get a complete understanding of the people you serve and engage your staff to deliver citizen-centered experiences, all while optimizing your program budgets.

        1. Case management
        2. Legislative priority tracking
        3. Municipal service satisfaction
        4. Facility satisfaction
        5. City council prioritization
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