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        Qualtrics Master Sessions

        A webinar series teaching you how leaders at top brands turn customers into fanatics

        Season 2

        Customer Experience:
        From Theory to Practice

        Hosted by Bruce Temkin, Head of The Qualtrics XM Institute

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        Qualtrics Experience Management

        Software to help turn
        customers into fanatics
        products into obsessions
        employees into ambassadors
        and brands into religions

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        Four Core Experiences.
        Now on One Platform.

        Measure and improve every meaningful interaction. Turn customers into fanatics who stay longer, spend more, and tell friends.

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        See how jetBlue creates lifelong customers

        Develop and build products people love. Perfectly predict and price packages that people will obsess over.

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        See how the Chobani team develops breakthrough products

        Develop a phenomenal culture by improving each phase of the employee lifecycle. Attract, train, and retain a world-class workforce of ambassadors.

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        See why it all starts with the employee at Volkswagen

        Build an iconic brand. Identify brand drivers, test ads, and execute positioning that turns brands into religions.

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        See how L.L. Bean keeps a 100-year-old brand top of mind

        Close Gaps.

        Qualtrics is the platform that the world’s most iconic companies use to close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results. The XM Platform makes it simple for any organization to collect, understand, and take action on experience data (X-data)—the beliefs, emotions, and sentiments of customers and employees.

        Collect experience data
        from stakeholders at every
        meaningful touchpoint
        Analyze and understand
        why things are happening
        and what to do about it
        Automate actions that drive improvement across customer, employee, product, and brand experiences

        Better Experiences
        Start with
        Better Research.

        Sophisticated research made simple. Join the 9,000+ brands and 99 of the top 100 business schools that use ResearchCore to create loyalty-driving experiences, close experience gaps, and deliver breakthrough results.

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        Get ready to love the future of business

        See how Qualtrics can help improve the experiences that matter most to customers and employees

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