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        Qualtrics for Product Management

        Build awesome products people love

        “Wrong decisions can cost millions. Qualtrics helps us get it right.” - Procter & Gamble

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        Stay a step ahead of the competition by incorporating product feedback into every decision. Qualtrics makes it easy to analyze market trends, track competitors, prioritize product features, and inject insights into a data-driven product strategy.

        Outcomes we deliver

        • Deliver a winning, data-driven product strategy and vision
        • Capture customer and user feedback
        • Prioritize product features
        • Build viable and competitive product roadmaps

        Identify unmet market needs and nail product opportunities

        Real-time Product Feedback

        Markets move fast. Building, sending, and analyzing shouldn’t take months, or even weeks. Late data is useless data—so with Qualtrics you can analyze and share your feedback, minutes after you get it.


        Spend less time programming regression variables and more time innovating. Qualtrics predictive intelligence technology eliminates tedious manual analysis work and helps you understand and prioritize key product benefits. Automatically.

        Simple drag-and-drop interface

        Our drag-and-drop interface is as easy to use as everyday email and requires no coding, meaning you’re always up to speed, especially with help from our award-winning support team.

        One platform with endless applications

        Qualtrics helps teams discover new opportunities emerging in the market, test possible solutions and pricing with users, prioritize and design features that delight customers, measure the user experience, and predict market adoption and usage—all on a single platform.

        Feature Prioritization

        Master your product roadmap with features validated by up-to-the moment customer feedback.

        Segmentation and positioning

        Identify your target segments by demographics, psychographics, or usage. Manage your own panels easily, and identify how each group responds to products and messages.

        Concept testing

        Invest wisely. Evaluate consumer response before developing a new offering. Prioritize product specifications and test in real time as your project advances.

        Pricing research

        Gauge market demand and test pricing approaches. Connect with customers and prospects to determine the optimum price to maximize profit, revenue, or market share.

        User experience

        Nail the design and experience early in a product’s lifecycle. Use real customers to analyze digital or physical tasks and solicit immediate feedback.

        Product satisfaction and loyalty

        Better understand your products, measure satisfaction and usage, and discover ways to improve the product experience.

        With powerful solutions for everything from concept testing to user experience research to pricing, Qualtrics provides self-serve access to anyone in an organization, never limiting use to trained experts. Get your products right every time.
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        Qualtrics’ Flexible Service Model

        We know that sometimes you need someone else to manage a project so you can allocate energy to other initiatives. Other times, you need the flexibility and agility to manage the details yourself. Our offering gives you the freedom and power to dial up or dial back the services at any time during the program.

        Customer Success

        Dedicated customer success managers help you realize value from our technology. From training and best practice sharing to solution consulting, we can ensure you are always on track.


        You won’t have to do it alone—our experienced implementation staff can help you get your program up and running and ensure full operational integration.

        Client Engineering

        Our client engineering team can build any solution you can imagine, including HRIS or ATS integrations, historical data imports, custom widgets, and more.

        Online Tutorials

        Get answers to every question with detailed, self-guided videos and content designed to help you become an expert quickly.

        24/7 On-Call Support

        Need to talk to a human? Call anytime day or night and a product specialist will answer. We’ll ensure you and your organization are never blocked.


        Need expert help with program design, complex surveys, best practices, or results training? Our team of survey scientists and market research subject matter experts have the end-to-end expertise to deliver.

        Improving the Product Experience for more than 9,000 brands

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        With a hair care portfolio that boasts three billion-dollar brands, you can imagine that even a small change to a package design or a tweak to a message can have a huge impact on sales. P&G takes these things very seriously, and tests the impact of every action with Qualtrics before implementing it.
        Our goal is to be #1 in every category we serve. The Montage is just one example where we’re doing exactly that. No other insight platform provides greater flexibility, speed, and value than Qualtrics.

        Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

        Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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        Delight customers at every touchpoint. Monitor, respond and improve every interaction along the customer journey.

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        Uncover product needs, prioritize features, and predict market trends.

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        Drive employee excellence by measuring and optimizing every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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        Increase brand equity, test and improve advertising, and identify your essential brand drivers.

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