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        Qualtrics for Travel & Hospitality

        Testing the waters successfully

        Royal Caribbean used Qualtrics to refine its message and launch a
        multi-million dollar, award-winning ad campaign.

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        customer experience

        Create loyalty that a cheaper rate can't buy
        • Post-stay / post-trip satisfaction surveys
        • Targeted promotions
        • Real-time case management
        • Booking abandonment solutions
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        NPS® (Net Promoter Score)

        With Qualtrics’ Bain-certified NPS, you can combine in-moment and long-term customer satisfaction feedback to accurately measure and improve customer experience.

        Relational & Transactional CSAT

        Capture client satisfaction metrics related to individual transactions or overall satisfaction.

        Booking Abandonment Surveys

        Engage visitors after they leave your website to understand why they may have left without booking their stay or trip, and offer incentives or solutions to encourage a return visit.

        Post-Experience Surveys

        How was the check-in experience? Was room service up to a guest’s expectations? How did a guest feel about their entire trip? Uncover insights on where and how to improve.

        Real-Time Experiments

        Quickly perform experiments to improve everything from click-through, to conversion, to on-property experience.

        Targeted Offers

        Provide targeted offers on your website to encourage booking based on online behavior and profile criteria, all without the help of your IT department.

        Dynamic Dashboard

        With dynamic, role-based dashboards and mobile analytics the right people get the real-time data they need.

        Case Management

        Enable automated tracking of identified service issues and assign them to the right people within your organization. Follow up instantly with dissatisfied guests and travelers.

        Website Feedback

        Allow visitors to give feedback on your website, holistically or on a page-by-page basis, so you can pinpoint where improvements are needed.

        Native Text Analytics

        Built-in text analytics allows you to identify trending topics or key service gaps.

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        Market Research

        Deliver what your guests want, long before they ask
        • Guest preference research
        • Loyalty program assessment
        • Online booking driver analysis
        • Competitive benchmarking
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        Competitive Benchmarking

        Put everything into perspective by gaining an understanding of where you stand in relation to your key competitors. Capitalize on key business differentiators and identify gaps in products and service.

        Ad Testing

        How does ad content influence the way people perceive your brand and/or encourage conversion? Answer these questions and more by conducting in-depth ad testing across key customer segments online and direct.

        Brand Tracking

        Easily track brand perceptions and awareness. Capitalize on strengths while addressing weaknesses.

        Purchase Behavior

        Increase your level of customer understanding. Dive into the lifestyle, behavior, and habits that influence booking decisions.

        Panel Management

        Recruit and manage new research panel members to increase response rates and quickly collect high-quality data that leads to better insights.

        A/B Testing

        Test new features or processes to quickly understand how they can positively affect the customer experience across the entire journey and through every channel.

        Mobile Experience Optimization

        Understand how people are experiencing your mobile site and apps and make improvements based on their feedback.

        Conjoint Analysis

        Understand the value your customers attach to unique features and services offered by your company. Optimize the customer experience without breaking your budget.

        Market Trends

        Where is your industry headed? Monitor industry and market trends to keep your company ahead of the curve.

        Market Segmentation

        Track customer behavior across unique segments. Take action based on the value associated with each customer type.

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        Employee Insights

        When your employees go the extra mile, they propel your brand even further
        • Employee 360 reviews
        • Employee insight
        • Onboarding feedback
        • Exit interviews
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        Employee 360 Reviews

        Customizable 360 reviews provide additional perspective for understanding how employees are contributing to their teams.

        Engagement Drivers

        Identify what drives engagement across your organization, from executives to guest-facing employees.

        OnBoarding Improvement

        Find out how to improve and tailor the onboarding process so every employee can hit the ground running.

        Exit Insights

        Discover why employees leave and pinpoint areas for improvement to help you retain and build a stronger workforce.

        Ad-Hoc Employee Surveys

        Immediately gather employee feedback and make fast, data-driven decisions for your workforce.

        Post-Interview Feedback

        How do candidates feel about the interviews they attended? With Qualtrics, you can improve the entire interviewing process to help you land highly sought-after candidates.

        Build a workforce that builds your brand
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        Welcome to the Experience Management PlatformTM

        Four applications to manage the four key experiences of business

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        Delight customers at every touchpoint. Monitor, respond and improve every interaction along the customer journey.

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        Uncover product needs, prioritize features, and predict market trends.

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        Drive employee excellence by measuring and optimizing every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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        Increase brand equity, test and improve advertising, and identify your essential brand drivers.

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